Comparative essay

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SW 1 – Leader 1
SW 2 – Leader 2
SW 3 – Leader 3 (YOU)
Reflect on the similarities and differences of the Strengths and Weakness of each leader to find opportunities and threats in using each leaders style.
What Opportunities exists based on what Leader 1 does well that Leader 2 does well?
What Threats exists based on what Leader 1 does not do well that Leader 2 does not do well?
How will you use this information to develop YOUR leadership style?
The report must use the following outline heading format:

The cover page must follow exactly the example posted on Blackboard.
The introduction section should be a brief description of both leaders personal history and why you chose them to study.
The data section must include detailed strengths and weakness of the various key aspects of each leaders Leadership Style as they relate to their successes in life.
The analysis section must compare and contrast the strengths and weakness of the two chosen leaders to find opportunities and threats in their leadership styles.
The conclusion section should include opportunities and threats in adopting parts of their leadership styles to form your leadership style.
The reference page must include all secondary research sources using APA format. Don’t forget to cite these sources correctly within the content of report. If you don’t you are plagiarizing. You must have at least 2 books and 2 nationally published articles for sources. 1 book & 1 article per leader.
Size 12-Times New Roman-Font, No less than 10 Pages no more than 15 pages not including Cover Page and Reference Page, double spaced lines, 1 inch margins all around.

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