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Please write from scratch I am Cuban American.
Interview:You will first read the attached article titled “Understanding Culture” and analyze diverse cultural elements that may affect the classroom environment, classroom management and student-teacher-parent communication
After reading the article, you will interview a cultural group, other than your own, regarding the language, attitudes towards time, space/proximity issues, gender roles, autonomy and education.
Prior to the interview, please create a series of questions that will guide the interview
Document exact answers to each question
Please include the series of questions presented at the interview as well as the exact answers.
You must ask a minimum of 10 questions. These questions should be developed from major points discussed in the article (e.g., elements of culture, individual cultural identity).

Your interview should not be a static, inflexible process. Other questions and discussions may become obvious or necessary as you progress through the interview. Use this opportunity to LEARN about another cultural group.
Then, you will write a narrative that will:
Discuss the person that you interviewed, what you learned about their cultural group, and their responses to your questions.
Compare their responses to your own cultural group.
What did you learn that you did not know prior to the interview?
Discuss how these cultural elements (e.g., language, attitudes toward time, space/proximity issues, gender roles, autonomy and education) and individual cultural identity might impact the:
classroom environment,
classroom management, and
student-teacher-parent communication.
Discuss how you can use cultural responsivity to positively impact the classroom environment, management, and student-teacher-parent communication.
Your submitted assignment should be no more than five pages in length, double-spaced. Write 1-2 paragraphs for each question and ensure that you’ve given sufficient detail in your answer. Paragraphs must be at least FIVE SENTENCES and written in proper English.

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