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Services of Academicessaywriting.net:

Any custom paper, custom research paper, custom essay writing or custom dissertation work order or any payment that you make will allow you to buy our service or product which can only be utilized for non commercial or personal use. All papers that you provide us with are edited by freelance writers and they transfer the ownership and the rights of the products to our writing company. The products or the writing service that you avail through our company is though refundable but we do not provide any implied or express warranties for this purpose.

If you need any further information in addition to the terms and conditions that are stipulated here, visit our FAQ page before initiating any order or making any payment.

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For any queries, reservations, or understanding related to the privacy policy of our concern, all you require is to visit our Privacy policy page which contains information related to the privacy of your information including your credit card information.

Links Disclaimer:

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Terms Related to Plagiarism:

You are undertaking that Academicessaywriting.net reserves the right to annul any contract with a person who is found involved in any attempt of passing a plagiarized products as an original one. You are also undertaking that the products or the material that we are providing will not be provided to any third party for any purpose. In case you violate any of these stipulations; Crediblewriters.com has the discretion to annul or rescind any further work with you and won’t be liable to complete your work.

You have the right to use your name with the product but the products or editing material that we provide is only for reference and research proposes and we do not knowingly engage ourselves in any sort of plagiarism activity or any activity of academic dishonesty or fraud. Customers shall not be allowed to misuse our product or subject them to any plagiarism activity as they are only for reference and research purpose. When you induce any of your ideas and content of your own in our product, you are liable to provide proper citation and attribution to Academicessaywriting.net

Any unethical, inappropriate or misuse of any of the product that we provide won’t subject us or any our partners or affiliates to any legal proceeding and the customer shall be held fully liable for any of such act. This includes lawsuits, plagiarism, loss of awards, grades, scholarship, and position or any failure, suspension legal or disciplinary action.

Money back Guarantee:

Though we provide refunds in case if our customers show dissatisfaction with the products that we are providing, but there are no implied or express warranties. We also reserve the right of discretion for refunds in case of certain products and if you need any further info, refer to our FAQ page.

Warranty Disclaimer:

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